Men Allied for Nursing and Education


Mission Statement

We are dedicated to supporting male nursing students in their roles as both students and providers of care.

Vision Statement

We will increase acceptance of men as caregivers by engaging faculty, hospital staff, our peers, and the community in an open and nonjudgmental dialogue about men’s issues in nursing and nursing education.


  1. Support members in advocating for themselves and educating others.
  2. Offer group support for members, from both peers and mentors, by providing a safe and respectful environment in which to share our unique experiences as men in nursing
  3. Increase the awareness and acceptance of men in nursing by educating the public, providing community service, and modeling the contributions made by men within the nursing profession.
  4. Increase recruitment and retention of male nursing students by encouraging young men to choose nursing and supporting their choice
  5. Take collective pride in the rich and varied history of men as nurses.
  6. Have fun, use humor as much as possible, and have a great time


Membership in MANE is open to all Samuel Merritt University students, alumni, faculty and staff of any nursing-related department. Membership is unrestricted by consideration of age, sex, color, creed, handicap, sexual orientation, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or gender.


Image of MANE Members


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