MANE Bylaws




The name of this organization is Men Allied for Nursing and Education (MANE).  MANE is the Bay Area Chapter of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN), referred to herein as "the Chapter," which includes San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, and Sacramento counties.


The primary mission of the Chapter is to enable both men and women in the nursing profession to have professional exchange, develop social networks, and to contribute to innovations in nursing.


The purpose of this organization is to provide a framework for nurses and nursing students, as a group, to meet, discuss, and influence factors which affect the nursing profession.


  1. Encourage men to become highly competent nurses and join together with all nurses in strengthening and humanizing health care.
  2. Support men to grow professionally and demonstrate to each other and to society the increasing contributions made by men within the nursing profession.
  3. Advocate for continued research, education and dissemination of information about health issues, men in nursing, and nursing knowledge at the local and national levels.
  4. Support members' full participation in the nursing profession and its organizations, and use the Chapter for the limited objectives stated above.
  5. Increase the acceptance of men as caregivers through positive influences.


Membership in the Chapter is open to any Samuel Merritt University student and alumni, as well as to anyone the Board of the Chapter deems worthy of membership.

Section A. Equal Opportunity Statement

Membership in MANE is unrestricted by consideration of age, color, creed, handicap, sexual orientation, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or gender.

Section B. Obtaining Membership

Membership in the Chapter shall be by written notification any Executive Board member.  Membership shall not be transferable from one individual to another.

Section C. Suspension and Reinstatement

The Executive Board of the Chapter, by majority vote, may censure, suspend, or expel any member for cause after giving such member an opportunity to have a hearing. Any member suspended or expelled may be reinstated by an affirmative majority vote of the Executive Board. Procedures "for cause" will be determined in accordance with the Code For Nurses of the American Nurses Association.


Section A. Officers

MANE officers will be split into two general categories: Executive Board and Minor Board

  1. Executive Board shall consist of three Presidents (one for each campus: Sacramento, San Mateo, Oakland), Vice President, Secretary (one for each campus: Sacramento, San Mateo, Oakland), and Treasurer.
  2. Minor Board shall consist of Event Planning Chair and Membership Chair
  3. The term of office for each officer shall be one (1) year.  No officer or board member shall hold the same office or position more than two consecutive full terms (two years).
  4. The Executive Board has the right to change the election month and the transition period time with a majority vote.  
  5. The Executive Board has the right to change/add/remove officer positions within the Executive and the Minor Boards with a majority vote.

Section B. Duties of Officers

The powers and duties of elected officers and such other duties as may be designated by the Executive Board.  The Presidents of the Chapter shall be subject to the control of the Board, have general supervision, direction, and control of the Chapter's business usually vested in the office of President of an organization. In addition to the duties specified below, the President shall have such other power and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or the Bylaws.

  1. PRESIDENT: The duties of the President shall include:
    1. Act as spokesperson for the Chapter.
    2. Plan and preside over meetings of the Chapter Board and the general membership.
    3.  Appoint Ad Hoc Committee chairmen as needed with approval of the Board.
    4. Serve as ex-officio member of all Committees.
    5. The President shall be one of the signatories to the Chapter bank account.
    6. Mentor the Vice President.
  2. VICE PRESIDENT: The duties of Vice President shall include:
    1. Assume the duties of President in the event that the Presidents are unable to continue to hold office
    2. Assist the President as requested.
    3. Preside over Chapter meetings in the absence of the President.
    4. Oversee and confer with the Minor Board to assure that the work of the committee's is being performed and reports are presented to the Board and at general membership meetings.
    5. Perform other such duties as determined by the Executive Board.
  3. SECRETARY: The duties of the Secretary shall include:
    1. Take, maintain and distribute an accurate record of all Board and general membership meetings.
    2. Note attendance and present Minutes for approval at meetings.
    3. Maintain an up-to-date roster of the members.
    4. Confirms meeting place, date and time; notifies membership in advance of meetings.
    5. Keep copies of all formal reports of the officers and Committee Chairpersons.
    6. Conduct official correspondence of the Chapter.
    7. Preserve all papers, letters, and transactions of the Chapter.
    8. Orient the newly-elected Secretary.
  4. TREASURER: The duties of the Treasure shall include:
    1. Keep and maintain adequate and correct books and accounts of the business transactions of the Chapter. Such books and accounts shall be available to the Executive Board within reasonable time.
    2. Deposit all money and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the Chapter with such depositories as may be ordered by the Executive Board.
    3. Disburse the funds of the Chapter as may be ordered by the Executive Board.
    4. Present the annual Chapter financial report consisting of income and expenses for the current year to the Executive Board for review and approval.
    5. Orient the newly-elected Treasurer.
    1. Seek out event opportunities for MANE
    2. Communicate to the Executive Board regarding opportunities and help the Executive Board decide on which events to hold
    3. Plan and execute events for MANE with the help of the Executive Board
  6. VACANCIES - Vacancies in the offices of Secretary and/or Treasurer shall be filled by the Board at their next regular scheduled meeting.

The Chapter and its members shall not hold any officers personally liable for his/her actions taken within the scope of his/her duties as described within these Bylaws.

Section C. Removal of an Officer

  1. Any Officer or Board Member may be removed from office for serious misconduct, failure to perform his/her duties and/or two (2) consecutive, unexcused absences from scheduled Board Meetings, including those meetings held per conference call. Notification to the President in advance of the meeting constitutes a valid excuse.
  2. A charge against an officer may be brought by:
    1. A written charge signed by at least thirty percent of the Executive Board, or
    2. A petition to the Executive Board signed by ten percent of the membership.
  3. Hearing Board
    1. The Hearing Board shall be comprised of a quorum of the Executive Board.
    2. The written notice composed by the President or designee must indicate the specific charges and the date, time, and location for the Hearing to be held.
    3. The person so charged and/or the Hearing Officers may call witnesses to testify at the Hearing, which may be open/closed at the discretion of the person charged.
    4. The Hearing Board must render a decision no later than three (3) calendar days after the hearing. The Hearing Board shall render a decision including specific finding which led to that decision.
    5. An Officer or Board Member accused may have another member, not on the Executive Board, assist them at such Hearing.
    6. Any Officers who fails to respond to charges brought by the Hearing Board shall be subject to the decision of the Executive Board, which is final.


Section A. Meetings

  1. There shall be a general membership business meeting at least annually at a time and place designated by the Executive Board.
  2. Each member of the Chapter in good standing shall be notified in writing, at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting.
  3. Special meetings: Special business meetings shall be called by the Secretary upon written request of the President, or a majority of the Executive Board, or by petition signed by one-third of the membership. A special Meeting shall be held at such a time and place determined by the Executive Board.
  4. Program or Education Meetings for the membership may be held at such times and at such locations as the Executive Board deems advisable.

Section B. Quorum for General Membership

A minimum of ten (10) percent of the total membership of the Chapter and two (2) officers, one of whom is the President or Vice President shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the Chapter at any duly authorized general membership meeting.

Section C. Meeting Procedure

Annual, Business, and Special Meetings shall be conducted in a manner consistent with reasonable and customary business decorum.


Section A. Nominations

The Executive Board will organize survey to accept candidates for available officer positions. It is recommended to have a minimum of two (2) candidates for office of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Candidates may be nominated by voting members, as well as self-nomination.

  1. New officer elections shall be held each year in March, with a transition and training period of new officers ending in May at which point the new officers will take over control of elected positions from previous term officers.
  2. Candidates for Chapter positions will submit a resume which will include a summary of the candidate's professional qualifications touching on both education and nursing experience, and goals for the position which they are seeking.

Section B. Election Process

All elections shall be by secret ballot via electronic methods (Survey Monkey, for example) when there are more nominations than available positions. A simple majority constitutes election. In the event of a tie, a run-off election shall be held. If the run-off election does not resolve the tie, a coin-toss will determine the winner between the two candidates receiving the most votes.


The fiscal year shall be the calendar year (January through December).  The Board shall be responsible for the finances of the Chapter.


New Bylaws may be adapted or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members in good standing who have cast a vote on the proposed changes to these Bylaws.

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