ABSN Students Provide Health Screenings at Sacramento Barbershop

At a recent heath fair in Sacramento, SMU student Gregory Woods’ nursing skills were put to the test while screening a homeless man who had a low blood pressure reading of 90/54 and tenting of the skin on his wrists — a sign of dehydration. Woods asked the man to remain seated and to drink more than 2 pints of water. After 30 minutes, Woods tested his blood pressure again and it had increased to a healthier 100/68. 

“He told me that he was very happy that he decided to come into the health fair,” said Woods. “I sent him out with 4 pints of water, a handful of snacks, and encouraged him to drink plenty of fluids on a daily basis.”

Click here to read the entire story on the December issue of Samuel Merritt University's eNews.

pictured: Laura Zimmerman, Greg Woods and a barbershop client

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