New Name for San Mateo Learning Center

Effective November 21, 2012 the San Mateo Learning Center (SMLC) has been renamed the San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center. The new name for the SMLC was selected from choices identified through a process of inviting suggestions for a new name. A survey sent to San Francisco and San Mateo faculty, students and staff solicited names for the learning center, and the top three voted upon were submitted to President Sharon Diaz.  While many felt that the center should be named “Peninsula Learning Center,” President Diaz and others felt it could be confusing to anyone unfamiliar with the Bay Area. Adding San Francisco provides greater identity. 

With the pinning of the last ABSN class to complete the program at the San Francisco Learning Center on November 2, the new November cohort and the ongoing April cohort are now attending classes at the San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center. 

Anticipating the transition of the SF cohorts to the South Bay, the SMLC has been newly designed to accommodate students from both learning centers with more space, including a dedicated library, computer lab, student lounge, three spacious well-equipped classrooms and more natural light. The new skills lab includes two simulation suites and nine practice beds. There are many people to thank, including the facilities team of Lillian Harvin and Maurice Borden, and the transition task force made up of Kristina Donohoue, Nancy Haugen, Paul Smith, Pamela Minarik, Alyssa Erickson, Karin Kasper, Denise Dyer and Mileva Saulo Lewis. 

The upcoming issue of eNEWS will feature an article about the San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center with recent photographs of the renovated facility.


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