ABSN Students Return from Successful Medical Mission to Laos

Laos trip Dec 2012A group of nursing students who traveled to Laos in December to provide services to underserved communities returned to Samuel Merritt University (SMU) with valuable lessons about their vocation that will influence them for years to come.

"This experience has forever changed the way I approach and view nursing and it is something that I know I will reflect back on throughout my career," said Olivia Morgan, who graduated just before the trip. "I am very grateful for all that the Laotian people taught me. I never expected that I would be the one walking away with more than I came with. It will definitely not be my last trip; I hope to go back very soon." 

SMU faculty members Garry Johnson and Peter Miskin (San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center) and 18 SMU Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) students spent almost two weeks in the Southeast Asian country.  This is the fourth trip to Laos organized by Johnson and Miskin.

Continue reading and see more photos in the February eNews.

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