Bridging the Gap - Oakland High School Field Trip to SMU

On April 13, 2013, students from Oakland High School's Public Health Academy spent the day with Samuel Merritt University (SMU) faculty, staff and students, experiencing the excitement of clinical simulation activities, including a simulated birth, intubation, and other clinical skills.
The students were recruited through FACES for the Future, an agency that serves underrepresented high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds, most of whom are first-time college-bound and interested in health careers. SMU's Dr. Tomás A. Magaña, Assistant Professor/Medical Director in the Master Physician Assistant Program at Samuel Merritt University, is the co-founder and director of FACES.
The resulting partnership program, Bridging the Gap, was created to expose students in an innovative way to nursing education, to provide the opportunity for students to spend time at a college campus, to provide interaction with college professors, and to expose them to the broad field of nursing through the SMU faculty who have specialized in different areas. The program was launched in 2010, initially funded by OSHPD HCTP (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development Health Careers Training Program).
The program has been expanded to include all the various health professions at SMU. Last year, Nursing, Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Physicians Assistant (PA), Basic Sciences, and Podiatry all participated in the program. This year, Dr. Barbara Puder's Brain Awareness Program was included as well.
The program is an entirely voluntary effort. Kudos to all SMU faculty, students and alumni who gave their time to make this an educational and exciting event for everyone!
Photo by FACES for the Future

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