Interview Stream - New Career Resource Offered to SMU Students and Alumni

Samuel Merritt University (SMU) is proud to introduce our new partnership with Interview Stream, a web-based interview training tool.

This free service available to SMU students and alumni can be used to practice interviewing anywhere you have an internet connection, web cam and microphone.  Interview Stream will allow our students and alumni to practice, record, review and collect feedback on their interviewing skills in order to become strong interviewers and competitive in today’s job market.
Interview Stream offers over 1,500 interview questions across various industries. In an effort to provide the best experience for our students and alumni, the Career Services team has created sets of interview questions specific to each of our disciplines at SMU which students will have access to upon registering on the website:

In the coming months, we will meet with appropriate program/department people to enhance those interview question sets. Other features include; the ability to customize interviews, The Elevator Pitch Guide, The Professor Module , Expert Tips and the Umm/Like Guide and Counter.
To create your free account and get started with Interview Stream, please visit:
To view technical requirements, please visit: 
Please direct any feedback related to Interview Stream to



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