Learn All About Brain Health! FREE Expo - Saturday, March 16

Samuel Merritt University (SMU) is hosting a free Brain Health Expo —“Get to Know Your Brain!” — that is open to the public on Saturday, March 16, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The expo will take place on the SMU campus at the Health Education Center, located at 400 Hawthorne Ave. in Oakland. 

The event is part of the Brain Awareness Program at Samuel Merritt University developed by Barb Puder, PhD, an Associate Professor in the Department of Basic Sciences, to increase the public’s awareness about the human body’s most complex organ and promote brain health.

“This event is a free open house designed to educate children and adults about the brain and brain functions and to provide suggestions for keeping your brain healthy throughout your lifetime," said Puder, "It includes guest speakers and hands-on exhibits to learn more about the brain, and also includes a brain laboratory to view and touch real human brains.”

Guest speakers will discuss stress management techniques, brain injury prevention, and ways to improve memory.

Guest speakers include:
•    Mike DeRosa, PhD, chair of the Physician Assistant Department at Samuel Merritt University. He will speak on “Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury” at 12:15 p.m.
•    Frank Staggers Jr. M.D. practices addiction medicine and stress management, and currently serves as the director of the Berkeley Addiction Treatment Services Center and as associate project director of a major heart and health study at the Ethnic Health Institute of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. He will discuss “The Effects of Stress and Stress Reduction on the Body” at 2 p.m.
•    Barb Puder, PhD, teaches medical neuroscience at Samuel Merritt University and develops neuroscience community outreach programs.  She will introduce the event at 10 a.m.   
•    Guy McCormack, PhD, is a professor in the Occupational Therapy Department at Samuel Merritt University.  His research involves using neurofeedback to improve attention and social responsiveness in autistic children, as well as promoting neuroplasticity in adults. He will speak on “Ways to Improve Your Memory” at 10:30 a.m.

Quotes from past participants:

  • “All the talks were interesting and very informative!”
  • "The brain room was great!"
  • "Fun activities for kids! Student presenters were well informed!

Whole Foods Market, Oakland is supporting this event by providing:

  • 'Food for the Brain' fruit: bananas and oranges
  • Recipes: Healthy meals for under $20 handouts
  • Coupon Books: Whole Deal®

For questions about the event, please contact:
Dr. Barb Puder, Samuel Merritt University
510-869-6511, ext. 4876

For more information on Dr. Barb Puder and Brain Awareness Outreach, click here.

To read the official press release, click here.

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