New Assistant Director of FNP Program Launches Student-Run Clinic

Dr. Terry Deane Dauwalder recently accepted the position of Assistant Director of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program (FNP) at Samuel Merritt University (SMU).  Dauwalder is based at the Sacramento Regional Learning Center, and has been at the University for 11 years. Dauwalder is one of the founding faculty at the Sacramento campus, along with Dean of Nursing Dr. Audrey Berman and program director Sacramento campus, Rene Engelhart.

“One of my proudest accomplishments is recently being able to start a SMU FNP/RN student-run primary care clinic this past semester at Elica Health on J Street with the support of Elica Health Centers, SMU administration, and our SMU FNP program director, Rhonda Ramirez,” says Dauwalder.

The SMU student-run Elica Health clinic currently has 24 FNP students and recently had more than 14 Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Sacramento Community Health RN students.

In addition to Dauwalder, the clinic has 2 SMU FNP clinical faculty, Christine deBelen-Wilson and Mary Conaghan, who also manage the students in primary care for low income and disenfranchised patients. The clinic has provided primary care medical management for more than 175 uninsured and low income Elica Health patients since September 1, 2013. 


pictured: Dr. Terry Deane Dauwalder

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