Nursing Students Donate to George Mark Children's House

When it came time for the Samuel Merritt University (SMU) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) December 2013 cohort to decide what to do with their community-building funds, they made a heartfelt choice. Instead of having a party or other group activity, they decided to donate the money to George Mark Children's House, a local nonprofit organization which provides palliative services for families with children with life-limiting conditions.

George Mark Children's House bridges the gap between hospital and home by offering comfort and warmth while providing medical care.

"Our cohort was introduced to this wonderful organization in our Pediatric rotation by Assistant Professors Lili Cook and Aara Amidi-Nouri," said Bryn Baumer, class co-representative. "In the spirit of the future nurses we hope to become, we felt we could make a small difference by donating to a local organization that is always in need."

The class voted to donate their funds of $1180.00 to the organization.

"It is not a huge amount, but one the cohort as a whole is excited to be able to donate," said Baumer.

Ken Sommer, Director of Advancement from George Mark Children's House, accepted the donation from class co-representative Clayton Stroope on Friday, April 26 at the class potluck party.

"From the minute that our students are admitted, we try to stress the importance of giving to causes and organizations that you feel passionate about," said Sue Valencia, Executive Director of Development & Alumni Affairs. "Our students, by deciding to give this gift today, are living examples of the culture of philanthropy that is so present on the SMU campus."

pictured: top - Ken Sommer, George Mark Children's House and SMU student Clayton Stroope
bottom: SMU BSN class, December 2013


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