Sixteenth Annual Providence College of Nursing Alumnae Holiday Tea

Approximately 90 Providence College of Nursing alumni gathered at the Bechtel Room at the Oakland Samuel Merritt University (SMU) campus Friday, December 13, 2013. Representatives from classes of 1945 to 1970 attended.

The afternoon program began with Carla Ross, Director of Alumni Affairs and Associate Director of Development, introducing Colleen Curran, Principal, Holy Names High School, who gave the blessing. John Garten-Shuman, Vice-President, Enrollment and Student Services, then gave a short presentation regarding the youth outreach activities at SMU.

Tanya Grigg, Director, Financial Aid, presented Micha Machina and Shanda Williams with the Providence College of Nursing Alumni Scholarship. In 1998, following the merger of Providence Hospital with Merritt Peralta Medical Center, SMU established the Providence College of Nursing Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Holy Names High School Vocal Ensemble then entertained attendees with music and a candlelight ceremony.


Photos by Gabrielle Gallagher, Holy Names High School

pictured on the right: SMU student scholars Micha Machina and Shanda Williams with Tanya Grigg, Director, Financial Aid  (in the middle)


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