SMU Community Health Nursing Students Work in Local Clinic

Ten San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center (SFPLC) community health nursing students spent a nine-hour clinical day once a week for ten weeks at the San Mateo County Health System (SMCHS). 

The photos show students at a Public Health Nurse (PHN) training program which was held prior to the SMCHS PHNs administering influenza vaccinations throughout the county. 

Students practiced vaccination techniques on oranges and then on each other. In the weeks that followed, these nursing students and their faculty (Assistant Professor Karen Kelly, MPH, BSN, RN) were then able to administer influenza vaccines, along with the PHNs, to adults and children.

Said student Stacy Oliveira, "It was great to see families bringing their children in for their flu shot and then getting one themselves! Some families returned shortly after, bringing more family members in tow. Spreading the word about flu vaccinations worked well at the facility where we held our clinic."

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