Students Present Nursing Research Posters at UCSF

Students in the November and December cohorts from the San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center (SFPLC) in San Mateo presented their nursing research posters and competed in a peer review process to have them presented at the UCSF Center for Nursing Research & Innovation Research Days two-day conference.

Their poster titles were "Do primary stroke centers improve patient outcomes?" and "Treatment of depression with Bright Light Therapy (BLT) in Adults over 60 years and older."

"This experience prepared me so well for doing this again in the future!” said student Elias Gordon.

"We are particularly proud of their efforts," said Mileva Saulo Lewis, Associate Professor, Managing Director, San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center.

November cohort students (not pictured) also presented: "Paleolithic Diet for Type II Diabetics" by Nwanneka Anyanwu, Jason Bensan, Daniel Lopez, Kevinjit Brar, and R. V. Miole and "Infertility Through the Lens of Uncertainty" by Matthew Pfiffner, Catherine Toscano, and Jenna Wilkin.

upper left photo, L to R: Christy Carrillo, Matthew Lee, Elias Gordon, Kelly Sitts, Stacy Oliveira, Eileen Zanardi, Marie Del Rosario, Megan Rada, and Kevan Chazan
right photo, L to R:  Matthew Lee, Marie Del Rosario, Elias Gordon, Christy Carrillo, and Kevan Chazan.

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