First Annual Cadaver Memorial - April 17

The first annual Cadaver Memorial at Samuel Merritt University will take place Thursday, April 17th, at noon outside in the green lawn area.

Over the years, many students have expressed interest in participating in a cadaver memorial to honor the donors who have contributed so much to their anatomical education. Students from all programs, anatomy faculty and staff, and the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services, Craig Elliott, came together to facilitate the organization of the event. The entire SMU community is invited to participate in this new event which will hopefully become a tradition.

The memorial can provide an opportunity to express gratitude, find closure, remember a "first patient,"and/or to honor the gift that a cadaver has granted to professional preparation.

There will be a short program, a living dedication (tree/ garden), light music, and an opportunity to privately or publicly contribute thoughts. If anyone has a specific idea of how to contribute (reading a poem, singing a song, etc), please contact Christina Lewis or Craig Elliott.

Students have organized the following Facebook group for this purpose (Honoring SMU's Anatomy Donors), so please feel free to join:

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