Nationally Renowned Pain Expert Featured at 2014 Picchi Memorial Lecture

The Samuel Merritt University (SMU) community was honored to host Dr. Scott M. Fishman, a nationally renowned expert in pain and pain management, as the featured speaker for the 24th Annual Picchi Memorial Lecture.

Dr. Fishman spoke on the topic, “Opioid Prescribing and Prescription Drug Abuse” February 27 in the University’s Health Education Center (HEC).

“We are seeing the highest rates of chronic pain ever reported in the United States while at the same time a deadly serious problem with prescription drug abuse,” Dr. Fishman said. “This requires a major paradigm shift in knowledge about the risks and benefits of treating pain with powerful painkillers."

Dr. Fishman, who authored 2001’s seminal book on chronic pain treatment, “The War on Pain: How Breakthroughs in the New Field of Pain Medicine are Turning the Tide Against Suffering,” is the Chief of the Division of Pain Medicine and Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the University of California at Davis.

He was formerly the medical director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Pain Center at Harvard Medical School, and served as the president and chairman of the American Pain Foundation.

The Picchi Memorial Lecture Series, which began in 1990, is made possible by the Picchi Education Fund. Contributions to the Picchi Education Fund help purchase books, videos and other materials for the John A. Graziano Memorial Library at Samuel Merritt University. 

The Library is open to the community at large and maintains the latest information on health-related topics.  The Picchi Education Fund also helps provide a computer database offering information on diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, nutrition, maternal/child care, back care, arthritis, hypertension, sexually transmitted diseases and more.

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photo courtesy of UC Davis

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