SMU Moves Forward on Diversity, Celebrates Black History Month

Dr. Michael Lenoir, an Oakland physician who has served East Bay residents for more than 30 years recently considered the role African American doctors and nurses played in the Dallas, Texas, neighborhood where he grew up.

“Black physicians were not only the healers in our community, but they had to fight for social justice as well,” Lenoir said before he took the stage as the featured speaker at Samuel Merritt University’s Black History Month Celebration February 25. “A healthcare provider is about social engagement with the community. Our profession is not just our service to the community -- our service goes beyond that.”

It was a sentiment shared by more than 100 physicians, educators, and students who visited SMU for the second annual gathering hosted by the University. The event, organized by Margrette Peterson, executive assistant to President Sharon Diaz, was an effort to both celebrate cultural diversity on campus and acknowledge the role SMU graduates will have in changing the healthcare industry.

View photos from the event.

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pictured: Dr. Michael Lenoir and his wife, Denise Lenoir, an SMU FNP alum who was presented with an Alumni Scholarship.

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