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An update on the shared campus project with Holy Names University
FACES for the Future Coalition, a nonprofit that connects underserved youth to healthcare, helped put Sonam on the path to Physical Therapy
SMU has named Dr. Eric Stamps as dean and Dr. Cherri Choate as associate dean at the CSPM
We were limited to what we could bring across the border: stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, pen lights, thermometers, ophthalmoscopes, limited medications, the knowledge SMU equipped us with, and each other.
Nataly Kuznetsov's experience with the fires inspired her to create the Disaster Responder Assets Network
SMU Active Minds is offering a Mental Health First Aid course July 14 on the Oakland campus
Medical school options, flexibility, and treatment approach all led Blake Wallace to choose podiatric medicine
Following the death of his daughter, Cody left his teaching career to become a nurse.
$1.5 million federal dollars have been granted to educate a more diverse nursing workforce
Students in the highly-paid VALOR internship program gain valuable clinical experience
Bay Area-raised PA student Maisa connects the experience of her family business being displaced for the second time with the need for competent health care
Hundreds of graduates received hoods, cheers and health science degrees today
Physical therapy student Melissa Wolf melds PT and competitive bodybuilding
After caring for his grandmother, Randy left the insurance field for a nursing education
Participants share "coming a long way" through the 10-week program
With evidence mounting that practicing yoga can improve well-being, more healthcare providers are exploring its use as a therapeutic tool
Japanese students visited SMU in March while SMU students prepare for their own trip to Japan in June
FNP student Fatema was discouraged by teachers, couldn't pass classes, and didn't get accepted to nursing school. Instead of giving up, she found a way to overcome her obstacles.
Podiatry students return from North Chicago with victory plaque
Two SMU faculty members and an alumna will inform a national meeting of aging experts
With marijuana use now legal for adults in California, Nurse Practitioner Eloise Theisen describes “cannabinoid therapeutics"
SMU students & faculty clinicians will treat foot and ankle conditions and conduct health screenings
SMU will send a different CRNA student to Stanford every two months
Advice from Ericka Huggins: Listen, Mentor, and Meditate.
An interview with Stanford Life Flight Program Manager Michael Baulch

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