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First-year student Sadaf Sherzai catapults herself into the underrated field of podiatry
Two women who became the first African Americans to earn the title of full professor at SMU hope their historic promotions will encourage students of color to pursue healthcare education.
National Suicide Prevention Week is a good opportunity to spread awareness of what signs to look for in family members and friends who may be experiencing symptoms of severe depression.
SMU nursing student Vanessa Lazo is training young adults how to mentor teenagers about managing their arthritis.
New SMU students already have plans for how they will use their degrees to solve healthcare problems
Lucas Fogarty has spent the past decade traveling the globe to motivate people with diabetes to lead active and healthy lifestyles.
Samuel Merritt University students in Doctor of Physical Therapy program donated 62 backpacks to underserved youth in the Bay Area
A new Samuel Merritt University (SMU) nursing program is among the first of its kind in the nation to include mindfulness as a cornerstone of its curriculum.
SMU students get valuable lessons as DASH counselors
Check out the latest edition of SMU's Report to the Community.
The faculty-led clinic gives SMU students a unique learning experience to work with underserved clients in an under-resourced community
SMU Partners with Nationally Acclaimed Youth Program to Change the Future of Healthcare
For the first time since SMU began its exchange program with the Japanese university in 2013, the delegation from SMU included University staff members.
SMU nursing students celebrated Neighborhood Empowerment Day at the Roots Community Health Center in East Oakland by providing information on how to prevent and treat chronic medical conditions
Poster on titanium hardware placed during surgery wins third place honors
EHI finds a new home at SMU, offers new outreach and research opportunities for students and faculty
Students from SMU's San Francisco Peninsula Campus Help Older Adults Keep Healthy and Fit
Video: FNP graduates from SMU speak truth about what it takes to finish program
Student uses Schweitzer Fellowship award to teach seniors about sexual health
Alumni researchers, faculty, show findings at UCSF Research Day
Martin Waukazoo, CEO of Native American Health Center, will speak at SMU's 2016 Commencement
To help their future clients, the OT students at Samuel Merritt University (SMU) glue-gunned, drilled, taped, and staple-gunned a small store’s worth of homemade inventions
Students will spend year addressing social factors that impact health
CSPM students bond with classmates and get inspired by podiatrists at annual panel diner
Occupational Therapy Students Help Older Adults in East Oakland Drive Safer

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