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san mateo students
Ten students worked at the San Mateo County Health System (SMCHS)
SMU students! Participate to enter a weekly raffle drawing
SFPLC students
Students from the San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center presented
Valerie Landau
TODAY! The webinar, "Neurons that Fire Together, Wire Together" is part of the QSEN Webinar Series
Sim Center
The award was based on an abstract accepted for a poster presentation at the 2013 ASPE conference
The total raised to date is approximately $80,000.
Raji Menon
Menon has taught in SMU’s Anesthetist program for the past 12 years
Ted Curran
Instructional Designers share their favorite apps
Dr. Rocco and Lewis at Allen Arms
SMU faculty offer sessions on health topics to the people in Oakland communities
President Diaz and Dr. Berman
Dr. Berman is the Dean of Nursing
Dr. Hooper
The deadline has been extended to Friday, November 1, 2013
The BACS Older Adult Program is a socialization program serving older adults, many of whom have dementia
Conchita Franco Serri
Conchita Franco Serri has been appointed as the first University Ombuds
August Panama trip participants
This trip demonstrated how real patient-centered care can take place, even in a rural setting with limited resources
Chau Le was one of 20 nursing students from across the country...
Grant to provide funds for under-represented and economically disadvantaged students
State-of-the art lab designed to advance the study of human movement ...
The new Patient Care Pavilion has risen impressively since construction began in 2010
Marc Claydon spent a year deployed on a Navy frigate a half a world away.
Portions of Hawthorne Ave and Summit St will be closed during August and September
Dr. Tomás Magaña teaches young people the skills involved in treating patients.