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Chau Le
Their work is titled "A Nurse Case Management Program for Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma"
De Rosa with PA students
Dr. Mike De Rosa is now a member of the Government Relations and External Affairs Council.
Cecily Cosby
Professor and Director Cecily Cosby spearheaded the project
Dr. Dauwalder
Dr. Terry Deane Dauwalder started a student-run primary care clinic
DNP program
DNP students and faculty gathered Friday, December 6
Ted Curran
How we can stay competive with Massive online open courses (MOOCs)
Kathryn Ward
The winners excelled in the quality and scope of their work last year
97% of SMU PA grads are currently employed in their field of specialty
east oakland community project
Help support the East Oakland Community Project!
Allen Temple
Volunteer to help our Oakland neighbors, Nov 28 and 29
Garten-Shuman and Valenta
The event was attended by dozens of students
smu sign
450 students enrolled in the first course
The partnership will create exciting new opportunities for members of the SMU community.
san mateo students
Ten students worked at the San Mateo County Health System (SMCHS)
SMU students! Participate to enter a weekly raffle drawing
SFPLC students
Students from the San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center presented
Valerie Landau
TODAY! The webinar, "Neurons that Fire Together, Wire Together" is part of the QSEN Webinar Series
Sim Center
The award was based on an abstract accepted for a poster presentation at the 2013 ASPE conference
The total raised to date is approximately $80,000.