Cash Transmittal Form Procedure Manual


Money received by all offices of Samuel Merritt University, must be immediately forwarded to the Business Office, using the Cash Transmittal Form.  Please use the electronic template if possible; it is pre-formatted to help with listing entries and adding receipts. Cash Transmittal Form must be filled out completely.  Use one form per account number.

 Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. Enter the name of the receiving Department (in From).
  2. Date will automatically populate.
  3. Enter the Account Number to be credited.
  4. Enter the Name and/or Organization making the payment.
  5. Enter the student ID number or other reference number if applicable.
  6. Enter a Description of the transaction.
  7. If cash, enter the amount in Cash Amount column.
  8. If check, enter the Check number.
  9. Enter check amount in Check Amount column.
  10. Make copies off all checks, in order as they appear on the form and attach to Cash Transmittal Form.
    1. Check copies must be legible.
  11. Sign and date the Cash Transmittal Form (preparer).
  12. Hand carry Cash Transmittal Form with deposit (s) to the Business Office.
  13. A Business Office Staff Member will verify deposit amounts in presence of initiator, and if requested, return a copy of cash transmittal form back to initiating Department.

The Business Office is located at 3100 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 1110 Oakland, CA 94609, 510-869-6702

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