Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum

Accelerated Nursing Programs

Samuel Merritt University, School of Nursing, offers an accelerated baccalaureate program (ABSN) for candidates with higher degrees in other fields. The program recognizes each individual's past experiences and academic achievements and builds upon these assets. It provides a mechanism for graduates with nonnursing degrees to change careers efficiently and effectively. Because of these basic premises, the curriculum is different from the traditional BSN.

The program is designed to be completed in 12 months. The curriculum includes five terms of intensive study at a rapid pace. Although the curriculum and format are different from Samuel Merritt’s traditional BSN program, the goals, learning outcome objectives and foundational concepts are the same.

ABSN Curriculum Overview

Semester I  
Nursing 138 - Introduction to Professional Nursing 2.0
Nursing 125 - Health Assessment I 2.5
Nursing 120 - MCA I 5.0
Nursing 136 - MCA II 5.0
Nursing 126 - Health Assessment II 2.5
Nursing 128 - Health Aging 2.0
Total units 19.0


Semester II  
Nursing 108 - Research 2.0
Nursing 164 - MCA III 5.0
Nursing 158 - Pediatric Nursing 5.0
Nursing 144 - Maternity Nursing 5.0
Total units 17.0


Semester III

Nursing - 170 Community Health 5.0
Nursing 129 - Mental Health Nursing 5.0
Nursing 160 - Leadership/Management/Policy 3.0
Nursing 181 - Senior Synthesis 3.0
Total units 16.0

Total Units: 52.0

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