ELMSN Case Management Curriculum

Entry Level MSN Programs

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Semester I  
N500 Transition to Professional Role of Nursing 2.0
N520 Integration of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 5.0
N524/524L Health Assessment 3.0
N534/534L Mental Health Nursing 5.0
N542L Nursing Skills I 1.0
Total units 16.0


Semester II  
N546/546L Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults 10.0
N543L Nursing Skills II 1.0
N562 Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues 3.0
N550 Consumer of Research 2.0
Total units 16.0


Semester III  
N566/N566L Nursing Care of Critically Ill Adults 5.0
N556/N556L Nursing Care of Pediatric & Youth Populations 5.0
N540/N540L Reproductive Health Care 5.0
Total units 15.0


Semester IV *  
N594L Clinical Internship 5.0
N560 Leadership, Management, and Organizational Behavior in Health Care Delivery Systems 3.0
N570/570L Community Health 5.0
Total units 13.0

* Upon completion of the first four semesters, students are eligible to take the RN licensure examination (NCLEX).


Semester V  
N601 Research Methods 3.0
N602 Analysis of Health Policy Issues 3.0
N624 Advanced Pathophysiology for Nurse Case Managers 2.0
N625 Advanced Pharmacological Management for Nurse Case Managers 2.0
Total units 10.0


Semester VI  
N603 Epidemiology and Bio-Statistics 3.0
N607 Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance 3.0
N612 Healthcare Finance 3.0
N623/L Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Case Managers 3.0
Total units 12.0


Semester VII  
N605/606 Synthesis Requirement 3.0
N620/N620L Case Management 8.0
Total units 11.0


Post-Licensure Total: 33 units
Total 93 units


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