ELMSN Case Management Testimonials



After obtaining the MSN in Case Management, it has opened many doors for my career. Continued education is now a must, and an RN with a Masters Degree is an asset for a corporation.

Since Healthcare is facing many financial challenges, case management has become an important ingredient in ensuring that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are financially secured to continue providing services.


Everyday it is fulfilling to help another person with my nursing knowledge and case management skills I learned at Samuel Merritt University.


I got my first job at Sutter after I passed my RN.  I did some leadership hrs at Sutter and asked if I can work for them.  The manager really liked me and said sure call me when you are done with RN.

I thought she was being nice and did not mean to really hire me. So, I called her day after I found out that I passed RN with the feeling that I am never going to get her call back.

To my surprise, she called same day and asked if I liked to be interviewed. It was a great surprise for me, I am blessed to have this job in this economy and I always keep my eyes open to recommend other new grads when appropriate. Therefore, keep in mind everything is possible and be positive.

The second job as a case manager was offered to me after my preceptorship at LPCH. Thanks to my family support, my special friends and my wonderful teachers.


Receiving a MSN with an emphasis in Case Management has certainly had an impact on the advancement of my career as I would not have been eligible for the position that I currently have if I had not received my MSN.


The faculty and staff were WONDERFUL; very supportive and honest with us. We only touched on Workers Compensation in our classes but it was a great intro to what I am doing for a living. I am proud to have Samuel Merritt University on my resume.




The Samuel Merritt case management students are advanced learners and have utilized the skills learned in the program to quickly adapt to the role of the acute care case manager.  We have hired a number of these students, and have found that they are intelligent and critically thinking RNs that bring great value and a new energy to our department. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the University.


I have been a sponsor for Samuel Merritt's Case Management preceptor program for over a year and am consistently impressed with the caliber, professionalism and preparedness of the students. To that end, my past three hires were Merritt graduates and all have performed with tremendous contribution to the goals of the CM department and the organization.


Kindred Healthcare Hospital Division, West Region entered into a partnership with Samuel Merritt University in 2010 to place new MSN/CM graduates in open case manager positions within Kindred's Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTCH) system. Three MSN graduates were selected for the sites at Phoenix, Arizona; Westminster, Southern California; and the San Francisco Bay Area. The three MSNs successfully completed a 4-week intensive orientation in Southern California before being relocated to their chosen Kindred facility for a 5-month Mentorship period, during which they had weekly meetings with mentors, self-analysis of growing skills, discussion of cases, and resources delivered. All three graduated from their Mentorship period on Dec 31st, 2010 with flying colors, smiles, and many new experiences under their MCN/CM belts.

During the Mentorship period, these MSNs grew in confidence and gained experience in patient assessment and advocacy, interdisciplinary team meetings and communication, patient and family care conferences, discharge planning, and clinical documentation improvement. The partnership of Kindred gaining case management competencies and supporting new careers with Samuel Merritt University training and post-graduate placement opportunities is a symbiotic one: a relationship that patients and families will gain quality of care improvements for many years to come.

2011 brings many more placements for MSN/CM graduates with Kindred Healthcare via a contracted internship site in Sacramento Kindred, Kindred Foundation Scholarships, and placement opportunities in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico.

For these bright, new, and talented MSN/CM graduate careers and Kindred Healthcare hospitals: watch us grow together for quality of patient case management and care!