Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing (ELMSN)

Entry Level Masters of Science in Nursing

Welcome to the Entry-Level Masters of Science in Nursing program, routinely referred to as the ELMSN program. The ELMSN program is designed for those who have already earned a baccalaureate in a non-nursing field and seek to shift careers or pursue a new academic goal. Currently there are two career paths for ELMSN students: Case Management (CM) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

This unique program combines the foundation work of becoming a professional RN and graduate level studies to support you in advanced practice RN roles. The program is divided into three sections: the RN or pre-licensure sections, the FNP section, and the CM section. Students are admitted to their masters track of study at the beginning of the program but really do not start the curriculum for their specialty until after four semesters together of RN study. 

Both FNP and CM share the Pre-Licensure Curriculum in semesters one through four. This is a full-time section without option for part-time. The pre-licensure curriculum currently looks like:

  • Semester One: 16 units
    • N500 – 2 u. Transition to Professional Roles of Nursing
    • N520 – 5 u. Introduction to Basic Concepts of Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
    • N524/N524L – 3u. Health Assessment Theory and Lab
    • N534/N534L – 5u. Mental Health Nursing Theory and Clinical
    • N542L – 1 u. Fundamentals of Nursing Skills I
  • Semester Two: 16 units
    • N543L – 1 u. Fundamentals of Nursing Skills II
    • N546/N546L – 10 u. Care of the Adult/Older Adult Theory and Clinical
    • N550 - 2 u. Consumer of research
    • N562 – 3 u. Professional, Legal, & Ethical Issues in Nursing Seminar
  • Semester Three: 15 units
    • N540/N540L – 5 u. Reproductive Health Theory and Clinical
    • N556/N556L – 5 u. Care of the Pediatric Patient Theory and Clinical
    • N566/N566L – 5 u. Advanced Care of the Adult/Older Adult Theory and Clinical
  • Semester Four: 13 units
    • N560 – 3 u. Leadership, Management & Organizational Behavior Seminar
    • N570/N570L – 5 u. Community Health Nursing Theory and Clinical
    • N594L – 5 u. Clinical Preceptorship and Seminar

In the fifth semester, students are eligible to sit for the licensing exam the NCLEX.  During the fifth semester, many of the FNP and CM are still together in classes but also start classes in their specialty. 

Specialty Tracks

Case Management
Case Management has a broad scope of practice and will allow you to experience nursing in a variety of settings and facilities. After completing the ELMSN, students can practice as Case Managers in areas emphasizing the Three P's patient, provider or payer.

This program is seven semesters in length (including summers) and is designed for full-time students. Part time study may be pursued after completion of the fourth semester. Admission is offered in the fall semester (Oakland campus) or in the spring semester (Sacramento Regional Center).

Family Nurse Practitioner
Family Nurse Practitioners provide primary care across a patient's life span, focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, and management of health problems.

This program begins with the courses and experiences required for licensure in California as a registered nurse. Following licensure (completed during the fifth semester), students work as an RN for one semester and then resume coursework. The entire MSN is completed in 10 semesters, including three summers. The curriculum for the first five terms is on a full-time basis. If desired, beginning with semester 7, students may work as RNs and complete the remaining four terms on a part-time basis. This program is offered in Oakland and Sacramento. Admission is for the fall semester in Oakland and for the spring semester in Sacramento.

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