Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) for ELMSN

Q:  What are the options or tracks you can apply to?

A:  The ELMSN program has a Case Management track and a Family Nurse Practitioner track

Q:  Can you apply to both tracks?

A:  Yes, you may although it is not common. 

Q:  Can you apply to the ABSN program and the ELMSN program:

A:  Yes.

Q:  How long is the program?

A:  The Case Management option is seven semesters long and the Family Nurse Practitioner is 10 semesters in length

Q: Can I stop the program before completing the Master's portion?

A:  This is not advised or recommended.  If you are unsure about an MSN at this time, you can pursue the ABSN program which will allow you possess an RN and BSN after the completion of the one year program.  There are options to completing an MSN after this program as well.

Q:  What is the cost of the program?

A:  Tuition information can be found at the following:

Q:  Are there Financial Aid options:

A:  Yes.  You should begin by exploring the Financial Aid section of this site.  The link is:

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