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Nursing faculty members are required to participate in hospital orientation where they are assigned clinical training and to meet all the same health and safety requirements as the students.

HealthStream’s online programs are designed to educate healthcare professionals and health occupations students, and to enhance safety, competency, and outcomes in healthcare organizations through required regulatory training and accredited continuing education. Nursing faculty who teach clinical and do not have documentation of these requirements through other employment will need to complete four free HealthStream modules.



This online orientation program will need to be completed once each calendar year. After completing the modules with a passing grade, faculty will need to provide a copy to the program/campus administrative assistant. The program/campus administrative assistant will update the faculty member’s Faculty Employment Tracking System (FETS) database.


Before logging in and taking the modules:

  • Access the Internet using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.
  • HealthStream is optimized for computers running Windows operation systems. (If you have a newer Mac with the Intel chip and Microsoft Windows Application, or an older Mac with Virtual PC, you may be able to access HealthStream).
  • First, check your computer’s compatibility with HealthStream by going to If you select a module and get a blank window in the upper left hand side, this likely means that you still have a pop-up blocker on your computer that needs to be disabled.

If you have problems or issues with logging in, please contact the Sutter Health Help Desk at 1-888-888-6044.


Log in instructions:

  • Access our dedicated HealthStream site at
  • Enter your user ID and password.
    • User ID: Your user ID is the same as your 8-digit employee number, which begins with 215#####. Please check the upper left hand of your paycheck/stub, or contact HR for assistance.
    • Password: First time users click ‘Forgot Your Password’. You will receive an email with further instructions to help you get started.
      • Can’t remember your password? Click ‘Password Reminder’ or ‘Forgot Your Password’, under the login button to retrieve your password.
      • Passwords are case sensitive and all special characters have been removed from the password.
      • Once logged in, to change your password: go to My Profile, and then click Manage Account Information.
      • A password reminder is not required, but please create one in case you forget your password later this year or in following years.
      • Remember your user ID and password. Neither your HealthStream Administrators nor HealthStream Customer Support can retrieve forgotten passwords.


Once logged in, while you may see some modules already in your My Learning tab, you will probably not see the ones you are required to complete for the School of Nursing. You will need to enroll yourself in the modules by following these next set of instructions. You will be required to take each of the following modules annually. Allow approximately four hours to complete all of the required modules.


Enrolling in modules:

  • Select the “Catalog” tab toward the top of the page.
  • To search for the required modules, type in the module’s names in the “Search” box.
    • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical I:  Compliance; Ethics; Sexual Harassment; Patient Rights; Informed Consent; Advanced Directives; Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA); Grievances; Developmental Appropriate Care; Cultural Competence; Restraint/Seclusion; Patient Abuse/Assault/Neglect
    • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical II:  General/Fire/Electric/Back/Radiation/MRI Safety; Ergonomics; Lift/Transport; Slips/Trips/Falls; Latex Allergy; Hazardous Communication; Workplace Violence; Emergency Prep; Infection Control; Hospital Acquired Infections; Hand Hygiene; Bloodborne; Standard Precautions; Airborne/Contact/Droplet Precautions, Personal Protective Equipment
    • Hazard Communication: Under its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), OSHA requires all employers to develop written hazard communication programs. The primary goal of the HCS is to ensure the safety of employees who work with hazardous materials. To keep safe at work healthcare workers need to learn about hazardous materials and how they can hurt you, identify your potential for exposure and recognize signs of overexposure and learn how to safeguard against exposure. This activity will discuss the information needed to keep safe when working with hazardous materials.
    • HIPAA: As a worker in the healthcare industry, you are affected by the Administrative Simplification Requirements of HIPAA. You are required by law to follow these rules. In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) made changes to HIPAA. Individuals who obtain protected information without authorization can face criminal penalty. This includes employees at a hospital. This course will help you comply with HIPAA. You will learn about: which organizations are covered by HIPAA, the penalties for violating HIPAA, the Administrative Simplification Requirements of HIPAA, and how to comply with each.
  • Enrolling in the selected module:
    • Click on the name of the module that matches exactly the titles provided to you above.
    • On the next page, click “Enroll in this course”.


You do not have to take and complete modules in a sequence or immediately after enrolling in one. You may elect to enroll in all four modules, and then launch any of your modules afterwards. Each module will appear under “Elective Learning” on the My Learning tab, even if you log out and log back in, until you have completed it. If you are in the process of completing a module, and would like to return later, you must click on “Exit” so that the next time you launch the module, you can resume the module at the point where you exited. (Clicking the red X of your browser will not save your progress.)


Module review, transcripts, and certificates:

Completed modules can be reviewed, and your HealthStream transcript and module completion certificates can be viewed and printed from the My Transcript tab.


Click here to to save a downloadable version of these instructions.

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