Faculty Orientation

The School of Nursing holds Faculty Orientation a few times per year to assist new faculty (and returning faculty who have yet to attend) with their transition into the School of Nursing faculty role.

Reserve your space

Please contact the Site Orientation Coordinator to reserve your space for the next orientation.

Completing Faculty Orientation

All new faculty are expected to prepare for their teaching role through a process of online and face-to-face orientation with the site orientation coordinator and course manager.

New adjunct faculty who are teaching in the classroom and/or in the clinical area are expected to complete certain webinars on NurseTim. Please see the following documents for instructions on how to log in to NurseTim, and details on the modules as they pertain to faculty teaching in the classroom and faculty who teach in the clinical area.

The webinars will provide you with continuing education units but you need to print the certificates of completion, and send a copy for the administrative assistant for your program.


School of Nursing Orientation & Resource Center

Upon receiving your Canvas system login, you will be able to access the SoN Orientation and Resource Center which includes topics such as clinical teaching and evaluation, CCNE emphasis areas and resources, and general information about the faculty role.

Request more information

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