Online Employment Application

In order to initiate the on-boarding process, all new SMU adjunct faculty must complete the online employment application.  As SMU is a Sutter affiliate, you will find the application on the Sutter Heath website by following the following instructions below.

How to access the online application

    • Go to:
    • Click on: "job search/Apply online" found on the left-hand side menu
    • When that page opens, scroll down to search by "organization"
    • Choose Samuel Merritt University from the organization drop down menu
    • Click on the "search for jobs" button
    • Scroll down to fins and click on "Nursing-Adjunct Faculty"
    • This will take you to the job descriptions; click on the "apply online" button and start completing your online employment application

Having technical problems?

Should you have questions on completing the online application, please contact 1-888-888-6044 and a representative should be able to provide you with any technical assistance you may need.