Samuel Merritt University Pre-Employment Requirements

ALL Samuel Merritt University faculty must meet the pre-employment requirements.

Samuel Merritt University Human Resources will contact you upon receipt of your approved Faculty Instructional Assignment (FIA).  You will be given instructions at that time on the onboarding process which will include the successful completion of a background check, pre-employment physical and pre-placement drug screening. Please make every effort to respond to HR promptly and to attend appointments as scheduled.

Please be advised that a FIA is a conditional offer of employment, contingent upon your successful completion of the background check, pre-employment physical and pre-placement drug screening.   Failure to pass will result in disqualification and the withdrawal of this conditional offer.

If you do not hear from SMU HR within two weeks of completing your electronic application, please contact either Administrative Assistant III, Nancy Stollon or Lisa Wheeler(view contact information here).

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