SMU Alert System

Samuel Merritt University recognizes that personal safety within the campus community is of utmost importance and that is why it has taken some new measures to provide for your safety in the event of an emergency. The SMU Alert system delivers critical information to SMU community members on any communication device (phone, e-mail, SMS text, pager, or fax).

As adjunct faculty, the system has been initially populated with your SMU e-mail address. You may store additional numbers for voices messages, text messages, and e-mail addresses for e-mail alerts. You are strongly encouraged to enter additional methods of contact to ensure that you receive alerts in a time period that will allow you to effectively respond. There is also an opt-out button if you do not wish to receive any emergency communications from the University, although this is not the recommended choice. It is the responsibility of students, faculty, and staff to update their own personal information on a regular basis.

Your personal and contact information is securely stored. The system is designed for use ONLY when an incident disrupts normal campus operations or threatens the IMMEDIATE health and safety of the campus community.

Click here to go to the SMU Alert System page. To update your methods of contact, click the "Update My Contact Information" button and log-in with your SMU name and password.

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