Travel Reimbursement

The School of Nursing reimburses for expenses for all faculty traveling to clinical sites. Appropriately submit forms and receipts to your program Administrative Assistant at the end of each month (view contact information here). The Administrative Assistant will complete the forms to assure its standardization and accuracy of detail. It is expected that your paperwork will be submitted on a monthly basis.

  • Please carefully review the information regarding specific reimbursable expenses and how to calculate your mileage: SMU SoN Travel Policy
  • Complete both the Expense Report and SoN Mileage Report and submit the original, signed copy directly to the Administrative Assistant: Expense Report and SoN Mileage Report 2011
  • Please also make sure to submit all necessary data (i.e., original toll/parking receipts, mileage map print-outs) along with your original expense report. If you have Fastrak, please indicate this on the Employee Expense Report.
  • For Kaiser-sponsored faculty, the policy applies with certain exceptions. Please contact your Administrative Assistant for more information.

Preceptor faculty