Value and Cost of your DPT Education at Samuel Merritt University

Most students will have a choice about what physical therapy program to attend for their doctoral degree. Many things should be considered when making that choice, including quality of instruction, philosophy of program, geographical location, licensure outcomes, and cost. We have provided some detailed information about both value and cost of attendance at Samuel Merritt University. We would encourage each of you to ask these same questions at the other schools you are considering.

What is the tuition?
Please click here for the current tuition rate. 
What is the total tuition costs for the program?
To calculate the estimated total tuition costs there are several things you should know: 
  • The DPT Program is 7 trimesters for a full-time student and there are 3 trimesters in an academic year.  
  • In order to estimate the total tuition cost during matriculation as a full-time student, you would divide the annual tuition by 3 and then multiply that number by 7.
  • Students do not pay tuition during their terminal clinical education experience (TCEE). There is a matriculation fee during the TCEE that you will find listed on the web page with tuition and fees.
  • It is important to note that this is only an estimate because this calculation does not include any annual tuition increases that the University may announce.  
Why is the terminal clinical education experience (TCEE) special and how does it relate to cost and value?
The TCEE is special at Samuel Merritt University both in terms of cost and value. We believe it provides our students with sufficient clinical experience to empower them to enter practice as exceptional new clinicians after graduation.
What about fees?
Fees are listed on the web page with tuition and fees.
What is the loan default rate of Samuel Merritt University graduates and why is that important?
At SMU, we have a 0% default rate. That means our graduates are getting outstanding jobs at the completion of their programs. These jobs come with strong salaries allowing students to successfully repay their loans.
Are there additional scholarships available to incoming DPT students?
We have small scholarships available to our students on a competitive basis. Students are also encouraged to compete for national and regional scholarships that may be available for students pursuing studies in physical therapy.

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