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Why Choose the California School of Podiatric Medicine?
Picking a medical school is one of those life-altering choices. As you wrestle with the decisions, it may be helpful to break it down into three big issues: Reputation, Student Voice and Location.

Reputation: What’s Proven Over Time?

The California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) has shaped much of modern podiatric medicine and has a 97-year reputation to uphold. Ask alumni or students why they chose this school and time and again they will speak about reputation. Pioneering efforts at CSPM created the field of Biomechanics three decades ago and significantly contributed to establishing Sports Medicine as a booming subspecialty.

The core faculty members are nationally known basic scientists and podiatric physicians who have been with the college for 15 years or more. Our professors embrace the larger medical community by working closely with internists, neurologists, dermatologists, ER specialists, wound care experts, pediatricians, geriatricians, osteopaths, and pharmacists.

CSPM Demonstration
CSPM has educated a distinguished roster of alumni. Some of these alumni have gone on to become leaders in the American Podiatric Medical Association, serving as president of the organization.

Charles H. Johnson, DPM (1973)
Charles W. Bradley, DPM (1983)
Eric R. Hubbard, DPM (1989)
Richard B. Viehe, DPM (2002)
Christian A. Robertozzi (2007)
Ross E. Taubman (2008)
Ronald D. Jensen (2009)

CSPM has cooperative clinical programs with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), San Francisco General Hospital, the Veterans Administration Medical Center and Highland Hospital. The affiliation with the St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco affords top tier clinical rotations as well as access to the medical center's operating room. Working alongside medical students from other institutions, third year CSPM students also participate in a general medicine rotation at the St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Student Voice: Will I Have Say In My Education?
CSPM is known for accessible professors who provide course review sessions, welcome students into their research activities, and foster a collaborative atmosphere. Students serve side by side on committees with faculty and administration to provide input in curriculum development, performance and promotion reviews and admission of prospective applicants.

At the end of every semester, students evaluate each of their courses and faculty who presented two or more lectures. Students also evaluate their clinical rotations and clinical faculty members.

CSPM has a reputation for flexibility. Fourth year students can apply to spend their final year of studies at one of six prestigious medical centers located around the country or at the CSPM Core in the Bay Area. This means that the students can potentially tailor their fourth year experience based on their preference for geography, patient mix and clinical experience.

Location! Location! Location!
Where you study affects your quality of life and the quality of the people you meet. Oakland, California, which is home to CSPM, is in the heart of the Bay Area and is one of the most diverse communities in the country. The Bay Area affords access to prominent medical resources unavailable in many parts of the country. CSPM is also in close proximity to renowned universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and more. The Bay Area, which is one of the key centers for biotechnological innovations, is also on the top ten list of places to live and work.

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