Is Podiatric Medicine Right For You?

Do you want to
be a doctor?

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery is a rewarding and fulfilling surgical sub-specialty of medicine.  The future is bright for Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, so take a moment to see if it right for you.

1 Do you have an interest in any of these areas of medicine?


2 Would you like to become a physician who can make patients feel better immediately?


Podiatric medicine is unique in the practice of medicine in that the vast majority of patients leave treatment feeling better than when they arrived.  This translates into patients who are happy with their visit - and you - and that makes for a very rewarding practice.

3 Would you like to a doctor who helps patients remain active?


Being active and ambulatory is paramount for the health of everyone from toddlers to adults.  And, with the expected explosion in the number of senior adults, the role and impact of podiatric medicine on the nation’s health will be more important than ever.

4 Would you like a profession to allow time to enjoy family and friends?


Podiatric medical school and residency training prepare you to be able to select the type of practice - surgical, sports medicine, biomechanics, wound care or a combination - and fit it into the lifestyle you want.  This means the ability to balance both work and life.

5 Are you looking forward to a lifelong profession that offers job security due to patient demand for decades to come?


Based on the number of practicing podiatric physicians, an aging population and the dramatic increase in the incidence of diabetes, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the nation will need three times the current number of podiatric physicians to adequately provide care over the next 30 years.

Answers provided by: John Venson, DPM - CSPM Dean

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you are invited to consider Podiatric Medicine and Surgery as an option.  Podiatric Medicine and Surgery is a rewarding and fulfilling sub-specialty of medicine that may be the right fit for you.  For information on becoming a Podiatrist, visit our CSPM website.

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