Demetrius Barnes

East Hampton, VA
Alma Mater: 
Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
Undergraduate Major: 
Exercise Science
Class Of: 
Why CSPM: 
Early clinical exposure and the smaller class sizes
Any advice for prospective students: 
Medical school can be a stressful and trying experience that challenges and pushes you to limits. Remembering the skills that got you here and developing new ones is part of the learning process of medical education and discovery as a doctor. CSPM does a great job of cultivating an atmosphere that is challenging and fun at the same time while pushing us to not only be great podiatrists, but doctors as well.
Extracurricular activities outside the classroom: 
SMU soccer/ basketball, church, piano, friends
In 10 years I see myself: 
A well established practicing podiatrist that is actively involved in the community in which I live
Favorite thing about the Bay Area: 
The diverse culture the many different places to eat
Large Image: 

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