Francisco Mendivil Moreno

Sonora, Mexico
Alma Mater: 
Loma Linda University (MPH), Dickinson College (BS)
Undergraduate Major: 
Class Of: 
Why CSPM: 
The first impression CSPM gave me was of a friendly place with a caring and respectful environment. Once I met the individuals that are part of this supportive community I was convinced I would be living in the bay area for the next four years. The relationship that exists between the faculty and students at CSPM distinguishes this institution from many others. Class sizes are so small, faculty call you by name and become familiar with the student's learning style. Teamwork is an integral component for this community as the faculty ensures that each student has the needed support to strive for excellence.
Any advice for prospective students: 
Advice I give to prospective students is to make sure they choose a university that fits them in all senses, not solely academically. I enjoy being at CSPM because I find the school's curriculum to be challenging, yet my professors and classmates are by my side making sure I understand the material presented in the classroom. Find the ideal school environment and take advantage.
Extracurricular activities outside the classroom: 
No doubt podiatry school has a busy schedule. Yet CSPM allows you not to forget about the things you enjoy doing the most. I've been able to keep up with my 7 mile runs four times a week throughout the busy semester. I've also gotten the chance to support in school activities provided by the various clubs on campus such as the journal club and the sports medicine club.
In 10 years I see myself: 
Enjoying my chosen career and practicing either in Southern California or the bay area. I would like to be in a big clinical setting taking advantage of all the skills that CSPM taught me, including the values of teamwork, integrity and respect.
Favorite thing about the Bay Area: 
I am doing things I had not experienced in the past. My new friends have taken me kayaking to the wild rivers in the Sacramento area, snowboarding, and ice skating. I am also appreciating the variety of restaurants present in the Bay Area. With all of the diversity you can find any kind of food within minutes from school or home.
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