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Grace Chuang

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Alma Mater: University of California, Los Angeles CA

Undergrad Major: Physiological Science

DPM Class of: 2013


The main reason for choosing CSPM was because of its location. CSPM is very close to my home and I can visit my family whenever I’m not swamped by school. Nevertheless, I was drawn to CSPM by its early clinical exposure. “The more you see, the more you know,” and I know that I tend to learn better with hands on experiences. I also really like the small class sizes at CSPM. I was able to personally know all of my classmates and the professors really well. It was the encouragements from the professors and classmates that helped me through the stressful and difficult times at CSPM.

Any advice for prospective students

Prospective students should have the mindset of studying long hours with little sleep for the first two years. Procrastination does not work. Freshmen 15 can occur (again). Be mentally and physically prepared. Even with the stress and lack of sleep, make sure to eat healthy and exercise. Make sure to spend some time on activities that’ll take your mind off of school. Most people cannot study 24/7 as it will wear you out before the semester is over. Korean drama was my activity and it worked like a charm.

Extracurricular activities outside the classroom

During my times away from medicine, I enjoy practicing Kendo (a Japanese style of fencing). Kendo is both a demanding and exhilarating art to learn. Kendo has been extremely beneficial to me as it had helped build my character, added strength, toned the body, and relieved stress. I would try to attend practices and participate at local tournaments whenever I have time. During my 2nd year at CSPM, I took on the challenge to train and participate at the 2011 Nationals Kendo Championship at Atlanta, Georgia. There were multiple occasions where I was overwhelmed with what I took on but through the support of my teammates, coaches, friends, family, and through what kendo had taught me, I was able to time manage and motivate myself to continue.

I would also try to participate in activities where I can help the community through podiatry; such as Allen Temple Baptist Church Health Fair in Oakland, Children’s Health Fair in Tracy, Clinical Tepati in Sacramento, and SMU Community Day of Service/Wellness Fair in Oakland.

In 10 years I see myself

Most likely in 10 years, I will have won a Nobel Prize for curing diabetes, be a well-known kendo master, and re-discovering the internet. Other than that, I really don’t know what I’ll be doing in 10 years. I’ll probably be practicing in a private office setting, starting a family, traveling, and practicing kendo.

Favorite thing about the Bay Area

Food! I love the variety of choices available in the Bay Area. Life would not be enjoyable without yummy food.