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Joshua Edlinger

Hometown: Lafayette, CA

Alma Mater: Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Undergrad Major: Exercise Physiology

DPM Class of: 2013


The number one reason I chose to go to CSPM is the early clinical rotations starting in the second year. Regardless of what others have said, it absolutely does benefit your future as a practitioner to get as much early experience under your belt as possible. It puts you clinically ahead of those at other institutions. Also, the school has a rich history in the pioneering of biomechanics as well as many great leaders in the profession who have come from CSPM (previously CCPM). Finally, CSPM has hands down the best location of any of the schools of podiatric medicine. Bay Area culture, diversity, and weather can't be matched anywhere else in the country!

Any advice for prospective students

Study hard now and it will pay off later. Do well on your MCAT and keep your GPA high. What you put in to your education is what you'll eventually get out, regardless of where you go. Be prepared to study more hours than you ever did in undergrad.

Extracurricular activities outside the classroom

APMSA alternate national delegate, ACFAS club treasurer, ASPS club president, AAPPM club, other clubs on campus, research, family time (wife and kids), pickup volleyball, writing music

In 10 years I see myself

Working in a private practice setting, serving people in my local community, and enjoying life as a podiatric physician.

Favorite thing about the Bay Area

Food variety, weather, accessibility to great music/arts/family fun