Roberto Brandao

Kalamazoo, MI
Alma Mater: 
Michigan State University, MI
Undergraduate Major: 
Nutritional Sciences
Class Of: 
Why CSPM: 
I chose CSPM based on the four reasons one should consider when looking at any graduate school opportunity: Education, tradition, class size and location. CSPM offers a unique blend of traditional medical basic sciences education and progressive clinical education within the first two years that is truly unmatched. CSPM's tradition of being the foremost of West Coast Podiatric medical education can go hand in hand with its forward thinking curriculum but its outstanding reputation in Biomechanics with several past Dean's of the School being pioneers of many different techniques/treatments, made CSPM the ideal choice. The next step in considering the proper school was the class size. My entering class was 43 students and it had made all the difference when it came to study groups, one on one time with each professor and simply the ability for faculty and staff being connected on any issue from education, scheduling for group activities or organizing exam reviews. Finally, the San Francisco Bay Area offered a great location that I felt would help me to see a wide variety of patients from various walks of life, not to mention an area that can provide some fun adventures when you are not studying the days away.
Any advice for prospective students: 
Study, workout, have fun- all in moderation. Repeat.
Extracurricular activities outside the classroom: 
APMSA Class Representative for 2014 (National Legislative Committee Chair), National Foot and Ankle Review Co-Editor, Admission Interviewer/Aide, Surgery Club Member, Journal Club Member.
In 10 years I see myself: 
Part of a group practice working with great friends, having excellent patients and balancing work with a great family life back home in Michigan.
Favorite thing about the Bay Area: 
Coming from the frigid winters of the Midwest, the Bay Area's moderate climate and multitude of sunny days have been a great change of pace from the gray mundane sky's I was used to throughout university. In addition, living the Bay offers you the opportunity to been close to Napa Valley, Sonoma, Lake Tahoe, and countless outdoor activities within a couple hours of driving.
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