New Joint Campus Spring 2008 Elective

The Interdisciplinary Team - Improving the Care of Our Elders

Appeared in: CCGG News

This exciting new elective, open to Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) students,
will be run in conjunction with the University of California Berkeley, University of California
San Francisco (UCSF), and other local colleges and universities. Students in the course will
represent a variety of healthcare disciplines including PT, OT, public health, social work,
medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and optometry, among others. The course will be taught by faculty
with the same variety of backgrounds and from different campuses. This course will help students
understand the work style and contributions of a variety of healthcare team members (physician,
nurse, pharmacist, chaplain, therapists, etc.) to the geriatric team. A framework for understanding
the dynamics of interdisciplinary team practice will also be provided so students will have a
working background for how to participate productively as a member of a geriatric interdisciplinary team.

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