Oakland Homeless Receive Compassionate Care

Appeared in: KCBS

By: George Harris

OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS) - A group of nurses received practical training during a Project Homeless Connect event in Oakland.
At First Presbyterian Church at 27th and Broadway, Mike Church coordinates the many services available to the homeless. "Medical, legal assistance, benefits, housing, employment," lists Church. They also provide haircuts to those in need.

Nursing students from Samuel Merritt University volunteered their time, under the guidance of teacher Joan Bard. "When these people come into the hospitals, the students will have a much better understanding of their environment and their living conditions," said Bard.

Audio interview of the Project Homeless Event

Students like Melini Marusczak were washing the feet of the homeless. "It is compassionate. It's fun, people get a little, you know, feel like they're in a spa setting a little bit, and you know, it's good."

Theophlus Polk was clearly appreciative. "As a veteran, I got veteran information and agencies that I didn't know about at first."

Source: http://www.kcbs.com/Oakland-Homeless-Receive-Compassionate-Care/4222320

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