TX Podiatrist Discusses How to Buy Athletic Shoes

From: Podiatry Management Online
Published: August 17, 2012

If podiatrist Dr. Danny Wheat had his preference, more of us would be wearing athletic shoes. Wheat has a few things he thinks people should look for when they buy athletic shoes. "The heel counter should be running vertical to the ground," he said. "And the heel cup should give you support. If you push down on it, you shouldn't be able to crush it all the way to the sole."

Wheat added that the sole should bend at the ball of the foot and not at the arch. Also, because most of us have an inward curvature of our foot at the small toe, our shoes should have an in-toed or a straight last, which refers to the shape of the shoe. "If you get an out-toed last, you're going to be fighting that shoe all the time," he said.

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