Salaries Are Higher for DNP Grads

Appeared in: ADVANCE for Nurses

This week we saw a press release from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, Calif., that announced its new DNP program. In the release they mentioned that according to our 2009 NP salary survey, DNP salary earning potential is higher than master's-prepared NPs.

It's true. In the ADVANCE for Nurse Practitioners 2009 National Salary and Workplace Survey of Nurse Practitioners, we found that DNP salary was $7,688 more than that earned by NPs with a master's degree (see Table 4 of the 2009 NP Salary Survey). We also reported the following:

The doctor of nursing practice degree (DNP) is set to become the degree for entry to advanced practice by 2015. While NPs debate the merits of the requirement, one suspicion that keeps arising is that employers won't pay more for the degree.

That suspicion was not borne out by the survey: The nearly 2% of nurse practitioners with a DNP earned $7,688 more annually than NPs with a master's degree. The most popular practice settings for DNP nurse practitioners were family practice (21%) and hospital settings (19%). (For more information on tenure as it relates to education, see Table 5.)

Stay tuned for results from the 2010 salary survey, which will be published in February 2011, to see if these numbers have changed.


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