DNP Program Offers Convenience for Working Nurses

Appeared in: NurseWeek

Master's-prepared RNs have another
opportunity to advance their degrees
through a new DNP program at Samuel
Merritt University in Oakland, Calif.

The 36-credit online program
started at the Oakland-based school
in January to accommodate students
who want to keep working in their
practice settings while studying
for their DNP, according to a news
release. More advanced practice nursing
jobs are requiring doctoral degrees, with the number
of students enrolled in DNP programs increasing from
3,415 in 2008 to 5,165 in 2009, the news release stated.

"The DNP is aligned with our mission and goals," said
Cecily Cosby, RN, PhD, professor and DNP director for
SMU. "It coincides with the urgent need for healthcare
reform and the Institute of Medicine's recommendation
to maximally utilize the training and skills of nurses. It
will allow us to better serve the community with nurses
prepared for the challenges ahead."

Cecily Cosby - PhD, FNP-C/PA-C is a Professor and Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program at Samuel Merritt University

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