Making those aching feet feel better

Appeared in: ShopSmart

By: Robin Melen

Pinched toes, blistered heels, aching arches. Sound familiar? It's probably those hot shoes you're wearing! According to the Podiatric Medical Association, 90 percent of women wear painful footwear at least some of the time. In our Truth in Beauty section of the March issue, we check in with foot doctors about our feet.

A lot of us are wearing shoes that are the wrong size just because we're wearing the size we've always worn and have never bothered to get rechecked. Your feet can change as you get older-they flatten out because the ligaments stretch over time. One of our podiatrists suggests that we get measured every time we buy shoes. Dr. Megan Leahy also says there's no 'break-in' period for shoes, not even leather ones. Which is bad news for you if you're still hoping those expensive Manolos will stretch enough to be comfy some day. Not gonna happen.

We explore other foot maladies in our March issue, and talk about way to combat them. We also spent some time with Dr. Tim Dutra of the California School of Podiatric Medicine and asked him about how to use pumice stones (a little goes a long way) and popping blisters (no!), and a whole bunch of other foot questions. If you have painful heels, for instance, you need to stretch your foot and leg muscles as often as possible, especially the arch and calves, to keep them limber.

And our very own experts tested how insoles recently to find out which ones will soothe our aching feet the best. The results are a bit surprising, so check out the March issue on newsstands now.

Tim Dutra, DPM, is an assistant professor and '85 alum at the California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) at Samuel Merritt University.


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