CSPM Announces New Surgical Textbook

Appeared in: Podiatry Management

The Department of Podiatric Surgery at the California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) at Samuel Merritt University has produced a new surgical textbook, Lesser Forefoot Surgery, published by Data Trace. This textbook is a compilation of 30 years of experiences by the members of the surgery department in evaluating and determining the most effective surgical therapies for the more common problems of the lesser forefoot.

Lesser Forefoot Surgery presents the pathomechanics and evaluation of the most common lesser forefoot pathologies in a problem-specific manner that cannot be found in any currently published textbook. It also presents in a “cookbook” format the indications and contraindications for the common surgical procedures utilized to correct lesser forefoot pathology, along with a detailed description of the surgical techniques. Each chapter involving the surgical procedures also discusses the recommended post-operative management and the inherent complications associated with the procedure.

Source: http://www.podiatrym.com/pmnewsissues.cfm?pubdate=03/31/2009

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