California RN Achievements - Valerie Dzubur

Appeared in: NurseWeek

Associate Professor Valerie Dzubur, EdD, FNP-C, and about a dozen family nurse practitioner (FNP) students went on a two-week mission to hospitals, orphanages, and villages in and around Vientiane, the capital of Laos, to provide free healthcare for Hmong residents.

The trip is part of Dzubur's new one-unit elective, "Interpreting Healthcare in a Global World." The mission was an eye-opener for the students, who encountered diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, and malaria that are less common in the U.S.

But despite the limited clinical care the students could provide, "I think ... it gave some people a sense of comfort knowing we wanted to help," FNP student Evelyn Shober told Samuel Merritt College Office of the President enews.

With money from the college and the Windhorse Foundation, the group also purchased and delivered a gurney and microscope to a public Laotian hospital.


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