Sahayeta's Himalayan Immigrant Health Care Project 2.0

Appeared in: Hamrosamaj

By: Jain Thapa

It's a universal theme, and a life principle to the likes of Nisha Thapa, a nurse practitioner student at Samuel Merritt College (SMU) or the grassroots nonprofit organization Sahayeta.Org or to the volunteer FNP Nurses and translators who came together to provide a free health care clinic for the people of the Himalayan community.

 For the second year consecutively, Sahayeta.Org & SMU, partnered together to hold a free primary health care screening day, as part of their Himalayan Immigrant Health Care Project.

The funding of the health clinic has been made possible through the Scott Beamer Community Service grant, which was approved and granted to Sahayeta.Org last year, for their effort to bring free primary health check-ups, which are often unaffordable and expensive to the member of the Himalayan communities.

The event, which was held at Davis Street Family Resource Center in San Leandro, began at ten in the morning, bringing in throngs of people from the different Himalayan communities in the Bay Area.

Throughout the day as the patients rolled in, some from as far as Mountain View or San Mateo, the volunteer doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioner students, and translators, were on their feet providing needed checkup, diagnosis and prescription for the patients ails.

As procedures of the health clinic, after the patients name was called out, they were checked for vitals and were questioned about medical history by physicians. After the initial screening, patients went through a physical examination done by FNP students who working with their senior advisers, all of who are certified FNP staff members, provided a health plan to the patient at the end of the physical. If needed patients were further provided with information, resources and education for their health issue.

Members of Sahayeta.Org also staged a mini-skit about eating a healthy food diet, instead of the usual junk food, which are the main reasons behind the common cases of gastric and diabetes present in the Himalayan community.

As the day passed, the health clinic was nevertheless another successful event, with more than 50 patients having been gone through medical checkups.


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