Samuel Merritt Nursing Students Spread Global Healing

Appeared in: NurseWeek

Students from Samuel Merritt University nursing program exercised their healthcare skills and Spanish skills recently during a trip to South America.

In mid-August, 14 students, three faculty, and two alums from SMU's family nurse practitioner program traveled to Panama to work with the nonprofit organization Global Medical Brigades. During the weeklong stay, the group visited three villages and provided acute-care examinations, medicine, and medical assessments for nearly 500 Panamanians.

"Several of us enjoy combining our medical experience with helping others globally," says Evelyn Shober, FNP student and trip organizer. "If we can make the world just a little bit better of a place for a few people, take away some suffering, I think that resonates throughout all of humanity."

Entry-level Master of Science in Nursing student Pablo Sarmiento says being fluent in Spanish has its advantages, but adds, so does just being there. "You find someone with a mass in their abdomen what do you do? You don't have an X-ray or CT scan, how do you treat these people? You treat them for the pain. That's why I wanted to go, you really have to count on the skills you have, not the supplies you don't have, to care for the people. Sometimes that could be a smile and an understanding nod."

Oakland, Calif.-based SMU is celebrating 100 years of educating health science practitioners who are committed to making a positive difference in diverse communities.


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