California RN Achievements - Dr. Paulina Van

From: NurseWeek

Samuel Merritt College School of Nursing, Oakland, Calif.

Paulina Van, RN, PhD, an assistant professor, is featured in a new permanent exhibit at the African American Museum & Library at Oakland. The exhibit, "Visions Toward Tomorrow: The African American Community in Oakland, 1890-1990," consists of photos, manuscripts, letters, home movies, and newspapers, as well as a touch-screen interactive portion that shows interviews with 60 multiethnic and multigenerational Oakland residents.

The exhibit chronicles the accomplishments of generations of Oakland's African-American pioneers to inform future generations, Chief Curator Rick Moss told Samuel Merritt College Office of the President enews.

In the article, Van added, "I had an opportunity to talk about struggles, and I think it's important for people who have goals, who are striving and struggling, to see people like them because it's motivating. When you see someone who has struggled and made it, it helps you know it is achievable."

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